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Genbie S.A.S. is a Colombian company with International Projection, with experience in importing and distributing unavailable vital medicines, orphan and high-cost medicines.

With an interdisciplinary human team that directs all its effort, knowledge and experience in achieving timely care for each patient, through specialized and transparent processes, guaranteeing full compliance with the proposed objective.

Logistics Management 

We comply with the standards established by the monitoring and control agencies, we carry out efficient, timely and fast supply logistics that allow us to audit import traceability at the time those are required.

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Genbie S.A.S.

has established strategic commercial alliances with National, European, North American manufacturing laboratories to exclusively market it's products in Colombia.

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Our purpose is clear : to provide innovative solutions at a lower cost to patients, the medical community and health care providers in a cost-effective and quality way.


We provide the patient with comprehensive support to meet the legal & regulatory requirements required by law in each case.

With a focus on product quality and operational flexibility, our firm brings decades of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry to its shareholders and founders.

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We use the latest technology in every process

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