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05/28/2020 0

3 Layers Face Mask

3 Layers Face Mask with Fda & Ce certification Description: the three-layer face masks are intended to avoid contact with dust, dirt, odors and also as a protection barrier against the emission of oral fluids. Uses : this product is for personal, industrial, toilet and professional use. Size : 17 X 9.5 CM Presentation :…
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05/11/2020 0

Kn95 Face Masks

Kn95 Face Masks with Fda y Ce certification They are designed to keep you and your family safe from dust, mist droplets, etc., laboratory tested and clinically proven to reduce the chance of exposure to airborne infections. Product description • Efficient filtration: filtering at least 95% of dust, mist drops, etc. • 5-layer purification: waveless…
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05/11/2020 0