Kn95 Face Masks

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Kn95 Face Masks

05/11/2020 Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutics 0

Kn95 Face Masks with Fda y Ce certification

They are designed to keep you and your family safe from dust, mist droplets, etc., laboratory tested and clinically proven to reduce the chance of exposure to airborne infections.

Product description

• Efficient filtration: filtering at least 95% of dust, mist drops, etc.

• 5-layer purification: waveless blown melt, moderate thickness for particle absorption, double-layer electrostatic filter and highly efficient and filtering particles.

Spun non-woven protective layer. Static blown cast cotton. Nano fiber membrane. Spun nonwoven backing layer.

Breathe Easily – Advanced non-woven fabric provides easier breathing.

• Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear, odorless low impedance filter material

• Securely Sealed – The adjustable metal strip ensures optimum sealing between the bridge between the nose bridge and the mask

• Can be used over and over 20 times.

New characteristics of filter elements for nano fiber protective mask

Gradient filtration structure: the product adopts the composite structure of
Static blown cotton and nana fiber to perform the nonscale micron scale gradient filtration effect.

Stable filtration performance :

This product can be applied to all kinds of environments, such as humidity, disinfection and other environments, and still can maintain efficient filtration.

This product is mainly based on pure physical filtration, after eliminating static electricity, filtration is stable with more than 80%, while traditional fusion blown electrostatic cotton has only 15% -25% filtration efficiency after to eliminate static electricity.

High filtration precision: this product uses ultrafine nano fibers as a layer of central filtration, with a filtering precision of less than 100 nm, which can intercept

Effectively ultrafine particles like protective drops, PM2.5, viruses, fats. material
particulate, etc.

Instructions :

• Unfold the mask and pull the bands out at each end

• Place the mask on your face with an adjustable metal strip facing up.

• Put the bands around both ears.

• Gently press the metal strip to make sure the mask is tightly closed


• DO NOT do this in an environment with an oxygen concentration of less than 19.5%

• DO NOT wear the mask if you have a beard or other facial hair that has direct contact between your face and the end of the mask.

• DO NOT use the mask in toxic gas environments


This mask does not eliminate the risk of all diseases and infections.

This mask must be sealed properly, misuse cannot lead to an increased risk of disease.

Only for adults.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Unopened products should be stored at room temperature and humidity
relative less than 80%.

The validity period is 2 years from the production date.

This product does not contain natural rubber ingredients.

Keep the storage area dry at room temperature and do not wash the mask with water.