3 Layers Face Mask

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3 Layers Face Mask

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3 Layers Face Mask with Fda & Ce certification

Description: the three-layer face masks are intended to avoid contact with dust, dirt, odors and also as a protection barrier against the emission of oral fluids.

Uses : this product is for personal, industrial, toilet and professional use.

Size : 17 X 9.5 CM

Presentation : box x 50 units in bulk

Composition :

Face mask body : composed of two layers of non-woven fabric and an intermediate layer of meltblown (odor repellent) and 3 folds for greater facial coverage.

The body of the face mask works as a protection system against fluids, dust, dirt and bad odors.

Holding elastic : each face mask has two holding elastics in order to securely hold the device to the user’s face.

Nasal support : soft and light fit to the nose, for a perfect adaptability and comfort.

Physical properties

Material : blue / white color non-woven fabric weight 3.6 +/- 0.3g

First layer : flat woven fabric blue color pp 25 g

Second layer : filter paper bfe white color 25 g

Third layer : flat woven fabric, white color 20 g

Instructions for use :

1) Wash your hands before putting it on and after taking it off.

2) The mask must cover from the septum of the nose to the chin, that is, it completely covers the nose and mouth.

3) Place the tie straps as follows :

a) Put the first left strap around the left ear

b) Place the second right strap around the right ear

4) Place the fingers of both hands on the nasal support (metal strip on the upper body of the mask).

Mold the adjuster around your nose by moving your fingers on either side of the metal.

5) The mask must be worn as tight as possible

Storage :

Store in a clean, cool and contamination-free place, do not store near sources of heat or odor.

Product qualities and shelf life:

• 24 months for use from the date of manufacture.

• Use a maximum of 12 hours once uncovered or when wet, discard it

• Effective protection against the emission of oral fluids

• Comfort for long use.

• High resistance to fluids, in order to avoid contact with fluid splashes,

• Does not produce particles, thus avoiding allergic problems in contact with the skin,
bringing softness

• Ultrasonic sealing, guaranteeing high resistance and protection and heat sealing

• Design that provides comfort and protection with a minimum weight, which does not cause
user discomfort.

• Allows normal breathing.

• Practical packages that generate greater asepsis and facilitate the handling and use of the
Strong display product that guarantees product protection

• It has a system that makes it easy to remove the covers without touching or dirtying the rest of the content

• It is not toxic

• Antiallergic

• Filters up to 95% of the particles found in the air. Filter up to 2

• Hydrophobic material