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Genbie S.A.S.

10/04/2018 Pharmaceutical 0

Genbie SAS (Genbie) is one of the youngest biopharmaceutical companies with a projection of more profitability and rapid growth in Colombia, with several products in process, oncological medicines for different applications, which makes us a promising player in generic medicines against cancer.

In addition to the field of oncology, we are also venturing into multiple sclerosis, immunosuppressants and specialized antibiotics.

Genbie’s business focuses on the import and marketing of biological products, as well as innovative biological products.

Recently in the Colombian legal system, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MSPS) established a specific regulatory system for “the sanitary registry of new (pioneer) and known biological drugs (biocompetidores, biosimilares or biogenerics)”.

The reduction of regulatory barriers and the approval of recent measures in favor of the entry of similar or generic bio products of biological products has allowed Colombia to allow the development of biocompetidores in the quest to reduce the high expenses for the government, which is why Genbie wants to be the leader in this new path and contribute widely in the maintenance of the health system.

Our purpose is clear: to provide innovative solutions at a lower cost to patients, the medical community and health care providers in a cost-effective and quality way.

We achieve this through a relentless focus on quality standards and putting the interest of patients first.

Genbie is a Pharmaceutical Company based in Bogotá – Colombia.

It specializes in providing specialized medicines of the highest quality imported from all over the world, particularly in countries with the highest quality standards.

With a focus on product quality and operational flexibility, our firm brings decades of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry to its shareholders and founders.