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Genbie S.A.S.

10/04/2018 Pharmaceutics 0

Genbie SAS (Genbie) is a Bio Pharmaceutical Laboratory, specialized in high cost drugs; mainly in the areas of Oncology, Multiple Sclerosis, Orphan Diseases, Vital Drugs Not Available, including Immunosuppressive products.

Genbie primarily focuses on importing and marketing Biologics, Biosimilars, Biogenerics, Orphan Drugs Not Available Locally, Drugs that are not manufactured locally and are considered life-saving, as well as innovative Biologics.

Currently there is a clear regulation for the approval and entry of similar or generic biological products of biological products, which has allowed in Colombia the development of biocompetitors in the search to reduce high expenses for the government, for which Genbie is becoming It is a leader in this new path and contributes extensively to the reduction of drug costs and the maintenance of the health system.

Our purpose is clear : to provide innovative solutions at a lower cost to patients, the medical community and healthcare providers in a quality and cost-effective manner.

Genbie is a pharmaceutical company created in 2015, based in Bogotá – Colombia.

It specializes in providing the highest quality specialized medicines imported from all over the world, especially countries with the highest quality standards.

With a focus on product quality and operational flexibility, our firm brings decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to the track record of its shareholders and founders.