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07/28/2018 Pharmaceutical 0

Generic drugs benefits and properties

There are many benefits of generic drugs compared to brand, contrary to what many think, generics are not less efficient than others and contrary to this they achieve the same results.

Why are there generic products?

Brand medicine has the same active ingredients as generic medicines, therefore they enjoy the same quality, efficiency and safety.

In order for a medicine to become generic, the original must have been in the market for at least ten years, after that time the active ingredient and its composition are released so that any company can use them.

Advantages of generic products

One of the main benefits of generic drugs is the reduced price for patients.

This is due not only to the fact that the research work on which they are based has already been done and also nothing is spent on marketing, this saving affects the patient, and also in the public coffers.

Generics are made from medicines that have been in the market for at least ten years, that guarantees their safety, since some long-term effects are discovered years after a product is released.

Generics are carefully examined by the health authorities during their manufacturing process and once released to the market, it is true that we can only examine data from the Ministry of Health, so it can be assured that in the country the generic medicines are absolutely controlled and checked your safety and reliability.

Given its profitability, there are many laboratories that are launched to the manufacture of generic drugs, so there are many different types of generics that treat a single condition, this makes competition and prices are competitive with each other.

This finally implies that its use should be generalized and it is unlikely that there will be a negative effect on pharmaceutical investment, each market is regulated alternately and both have multiple marketing possibilities.