"We help save lives"


06/25/2018 Pharmaceutical 0

Our focus

Responsibility has always been integrated into our business : we have never separated it from our daily activities, decisions and relationships, meeting the expectations of stakeholders in constant change and anticipating the risks, problems and opportunities that arise. being an integral part of our approach to managing an ethical and responsible business.


Our focus is on making a difference where it really matters and, at the same time, fulfilling all our responsibilities as a leading company in global biotechnology, as we continue to increase our focus on rare diseases, we know that we must take advantage of our experience and support in benefit of patients, their families and caregivers.

Limiting barriers

We will continue focusing on breaking down the barriers that limit access throughout the world, this means developing new treatments, raising awareness and increasing the economic viability of those who need it, as leaders, we will collaborate with others in the industry so that treatments continue to be available and be accessible to everyone.

Efficient business

In addition to our strategic responsibility priority areas, we continue to do business in an ethical and responsible manner, as a global company, we are responsible for the social, economic and environmental impact of our operations and the people who work in our supply chains.

Scientific basis

Our success is based on innovation at the highest level, integrity and continuous improvement of all aspects of our business through the application of the scientific method, we understand that scientific method as the process formed by different phases that include the design of the right experiments.

The collection and analysis of data and decisions considered, not taken in a subjective or emotional, but following a logical, open and rational, for all this, we value and constantly ensure the application of the scientific method in all areas of our organization.