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06/25/2018 Pharmaceutical 0


Molecular complexity is one of the differences between biological drugs and conventional chemicals, the molecules of a biopharmaceutical are much heavier, have a more complex spatial structure and are more diverse than the small molecules that make up conventional medicines, a molecule of a biological medicine is a protein formed by a chain of hundreds of amino acids with a three-dimensional structure that will affect its activity.

While a chemical drug is tested 40 to 50 times during its production, a biological product is tested 250 times or more during the manufacturing process, to ensure its effectiveness.

The first step to develop a biological medicine is to genetically modify a cell or microorganism to introduce a sequence of genetic code that produces the chosen protein, the cell or microorganism is conserved and replicas of it will be cultivated during the manufacturing process.

Biotechnology has allowed the production of these medicines to be safe, effective and does not bring negative consequences to the environment.

Biotechnology allows living organisms such as microbes and animal cells that contain specific genetic information to be used in the production of derivatives or natural compounds, such as Protein-based drugs, the discovery of DNA recombinant technologies and monoclonal antibodies in the seventies marked the birth of the biotechnology industry.

Uses of Biotechnology

The uses and applications of biotechnology are varied and go beyond human and animal health, which includes sectors such as environmental protection and agriculture, but the health sector continues to grow the most and is the largest. a long history of assistance to patient support organizations, and we provide timely and immediate advice to resolve their impasse as soon as possible.

We make a difference and provide value to patients, to patient organizations, we foster and sustain relationships with patient support organizations and we defend their opinion, we are transparent in business practices and communications, we demonstrate integrity, ethics and compassion, working together to have a positive impact on the health environment, we try to better understand the unique needs of each patient.