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06/25/2018 Pharmaceutical 0

Biosimilars allow a greater number of patients to access high quality treatments with proven safety and efficacy profiles, our company is committed to the development and production of innovative treatments based on our experience to reach more patients with serious illnesses, Biosimilars will help maintain the commitment to connect patients with essential medicines.

The process of producing a biosimilar drug is just as complex as that of the original drug, for which scientists design a cell line and an independent production process, so that the same conditions do not occur in the production process of a drug. drug, a biosimilar meets the same quality standard as the original medicine and its production process complies with the same regulation and control system.

In total each biosimilar is subjected to many quality controls to ensure equivalence with the original drug, its production is long and expensive, unlike generic, which only have to prove its equivalence with the reference product, the biosimilar must undergo a complete clinical development to demonstrate the same efficacy, safety and quality as the medicine in question.

We are well positioned to take advantage of our experience in the biotechnology sector to create high quality biosimilars and provide them reliably to patients around the world, we are committed to high quality biosimilars and necessary for cancer and inflammatory diseases, our products will expand access to biopharmaceutical products, allowing more patients to benefit from new scientific advances.